Karangahape Road

Karangahape Road in Auckland is a colourful and vibrant place to visit. There is a good mix of people and businesses there. Colloquially known as K Road, you can bump into suits, creatives and artists, mums and their kids and street folk who make K Road home.

K Road is a 5-10 min drive away from me. I like the street for the vibe, food outlets and the photographic opportunities. K Road is most alive at night. People are out eating the many good dinning venues and venturing on to pubs and clubs. As the night goes on, that energy can get a little dark. But generally, I would still feel safe walking along K Road.

I’m more of a day person and I like K Road when it is close to empty and there is a chance for me to explore without too much concern. With Chris returning from Hamilton on Saturday morning and my tennis washed out due to rain, I had 2 hours on my hand. I decided to walk along K Road and check out the side streets. Here are some photos from that walk.

Following the theme of the week, I decided to stick to a custom film simulation setting. My selection is a Modified version of Ritchie Roesch’s Kodacolour film simulation. I wanted a more look with more contrast and a smoother grain. I achieved that by creating an S curve emphasising highlights and switching the grain from strong to weak. I named this setting kodacolourish.

I walked past these striking red cylinders earlier in the morning and waited for 10 mins for someone to walk up the stairs. No one did. Disappointed, I walked away to check out other streets. But on the way, I back, there were workers on the stairs and even though they watched me suspiciously, they smiled when they realised I was taking a photo!

Author: Jason Phang

Hailing from Humid Singapore, I’ve been calling Auckland, New Zealand home since 2005. I love making photographs and I generally veer towards street photography.

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