Magical foggy Sunday morning

Bernese Mountain Dog

I am excited when I see the Auckland Harbour shrouded in morning fog. I shot these using Luis Costa’s classic negative Fujifilm recipe.

What made this morning even better was a family trying to pose their two large Bernese Mountain dogs. I recognise this family as I usually walk past their house en route to work and we run into them when we walk our dog too. I took some candid shots of them as they were standing on the broadwalk. I initially did not realise they were trying to take a photo. But it became apparent quickly as Mum was trying to get the puppy to stay while she stepped away to take the photo but the puppy just wanted to be with her.

I offered to take the photo so that all of them could be in the shot. But they politely said no. I’m not sure what came over me. I then asked if it was ok to take a photo of them all using my camera. Why did I think it was a good idea when they already said no earlier with their camera? Oh well, they were too polite to tell me to leave and stop invading their privacy. I took a few shots and I’ll ask them if it is ok to post the photos on my blog. If they are, I’ll share them here. To make things worse, I offered to drop off a usb stick with the photos. I said, “I know where you live”. Even with good intentions, I come across creepy. Hence my website name…


I got permission to post the photos from my neighbours Desley and Gregg. Here is the beautiful family from this morning.

While I personally like the film grain of the straight out of camera jpegs, I was not sure if the family were happy to receive the photos that look “grainy”. I shared the raw file version of the shots with them. However, with the foggy condition, I had to a couple of the shots with a gradient to recover highlights. I had much more room to move with the raw files for those shots. But here is a comparison of a scene straight out of camera and raw.

Bernese Mountain DogBernese Mountain Dog
Getting ready
Safety in the fog

Which one do you prefer? Grain or no grain?

Author: Jason Phang

Hailing from Humid Singapore, I’ve been calling Auckland, New Zealand home since 2005. I love making photographs and I generally veer towards street photography.

3 thoughts on “Magical foggy Sunday morning”

    1. Thanks Michael. I had initially thought a higher vantage point to see the fog over the harbour would be better. But I prioritised walking with the family over making photos and then this happened. Sometimes good things happen when we go with the flow and focus on what is important.

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