Evening Shadows on Sunday

I was googling to read more about Saul Leiter when I found an article written by Jacqui Palumbo. This paragraph from her article struck me.

Leiter wasn’t interested in the human condition, like Frank or Diane Arbus; instead he understood the simple poetry of a stranger’s silhouette, or raindrops on a window pane. “I may be old-fashioned, but I believe there is such a thing as a search for beauty—a delight in the nice things in the world. And I don’t think one should have to apologize for it,” he said in In No Great Hurry.

Why Saul Leiter Kept His Colorful Street Photography Secret for Decades – Jacqui Palumbo

My photography is not documentary in nature nor does it usually tell a story. I’m still trying to find out what my photography style is or what it seeks to convey. But what I know is that it gives me joy. That’s a start.

Author: Jason Phang

Hailing from Humid Singapore, I’ve been calling Auckland, New Zealand home since 2005. I love making photographs and I generally veer towards street photography.

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