Not What I Planned.

I’ve walked past this house many times over the past 4-5 years that we’ve lived in this suburb. The single chair sitting by the side door of this house calls out to me. Whenever I walk past, I also feel that the best setup for this would be a high contrast scene with the chair in bright light but the rest of the house and garden in the shade. I’ve even seen this scene play out in front me before. But I’ve always found an excuse to not take the shot, someone is sitting by the window, I don’t have the right focal length or the light is too harsh.

But today, the scene in front of me is completely different from what I envisioned. There was even light across the scene, so different from what I planned. And yet it felt just right. I captured the shot using Ritchie Roesch’s Kodachrome II recipe.

Sometimes I try too hard to get everything just right. No. I simply try too hard to get everything right. Letting go and letting be could be the key. So contrary to a a lifetime (as of now) of Singaporean preparedness.

Author: Jason Phang

Hailing from Humid Singapore, I’ve been calling Auckland, New Zealand home since 2005. I love making photographs and I generally veer towards street photography.

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