Study Spots

Back when I was a student in Singapore, it was very trendy to study with friends at any place but home, school or the library. The usual suspects are Mcdonalds, Starbucks and even more surprising, the Airport. I’ve never tried studying at these venues and I never saw the appeal of it. It’s noisy at McDonalds and Starbucks and I did not have the money to patronise them. I wonder how many Big Macs and Coffee Grandes are required to pay for the privilege of occupying a table. However, I’ve seen many students of different ages with their books spread across one or two tables, some of them barely attempting to make an effort to study, preferring to spend time chatting with friends.

It was a refreshing change to find this young boy at the old grandstand of the Auckland Domain completely immersed in his studies. He sat by himself, pencil in hand, flipping through the pages of this textbook and his notebook. I was keen to take a few more shots but I felt even more conscious that normal, fearing to interrupt this studious activity with noisy clicking of my shutter.

Author: Jason Phang

Hailing from Humid Singapore, I’ve been calling Auckland, New Zealand home since 2005. I love making photographs and I generally veer towards street photography.

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