Exploring Squarespace

I starting my blogging back in August this year largely because I found my old WordPress diary. At that time, I did think about maybe trying Squarespace. However, I was familiar with WordPress and at that stage, navigating getting a New Zealand domain and coming to grips with how WordPress has evolved in my 10 year absence put selecting a new provider into the too hard basket.

As I get more familiar with the act of sharing my photography and the platform that supports me, I started to think about what I needed. WordPress is cheaper. In fact, it can be even cheaper if I switched to Bluehost from WordPress. However, just as I switched from Lightroom to Capture One, the impetus to change comes from some weird place. I suspect in the face of so much unknown, being able to take control of something simple like a new software or web hosting platform seems so much easier. Trying to decide what I want to do with my life on the other hand is so much more difficult to navigate.

I started a trial with Squarespace this weekend and I spent my time exploring how to create a site, layout photos on a blog post and what colour scheme to use. The learning curve was not as intimidating as I thought. Yes, the first 2 hours was kind of nerve wrecking. Nothing seemed to work. But the video guides on Squarespace were plenty useful.

The concept of website themes has been scaled back on Squarespace. For many, it would seem like the dystopian future where human choice is severely limited by robots. However, I find the lack of huge variety very satisfying as it forces me to return to a more focused approach where my content needs to stand on its own. Tricks can say good bye.

Let’s see what the trial brings.

Author: Jason Phang

Hailing from Humid Singapore, I’ve been calling Auckland, New Zealand home since 2005. I love making photographs and I generally veer towards street photography.

3 thoughts on “Exploring Squarespace”

  1. Interestingly, I have considered moving my website to Squarespace as well. But, I have always decided to stay at WordPress because of the “built-in” community WordPress provides. I guess I’m afraid to lose the small number of followers I have obtained.
    I have also considered Tumblr for the number of photographers and artists that already post there. There seems to be a sense of community on Tumblr as well though the format is a bit different. I would be interested in your thoughts about this?


    1. That was also top of mind. Admittedly I have a much much smaller community that I interact with on a regular basis. You being 50% of that community. Ha!

      I asked myself why did I restart the journey to blog and create a website. The last time I created a website was when Geocities was a thing. The answer to my question is that I enjoy the creative process and I want to do something specifically addresses me. I want the frustration of designing the look of my site and blogging about my photography journey. In a selfish manner, I’m doing this for me, not others.

      As selfish and grumpy as I sound, I use Instagram for my community engagement. It is my primary platform to “socialise” online. I share my photos on Instagram and get inspiration from others on Instagram. But more meaningful interactions and inspiration takes place elsewhere: in real life, chats like this and when I read other blogs. For example, I read yours, luis Costa’s, Patrick La Roque’s and kagecollective’s blogs and I interact there with the authors there.

      Hopefully I get to bring you along with me on my switch to Squarespace. But I’m realistic that in this world with so much content, it is hard for others to consciously join me on a different platform. It is hard to get “noticed” on Squarespace. I don’t think it is a bad thing for me as I work to develop myself.

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      1. I don’t think you sound selfish at all. I think first and foremost you should create and share for yourself, not for others. I respect your outlook and I believe you mind is in the right place. Do what feels right for you. People who appreciate and have a true interest in your creative work will seek you out. Please let me know once you Squarespace site goes live. I will certainly follow along there.

        On a side note I have started a daily photo project. I am doing this to bring some form of creativity into my everyday life. The only rule being to post daily. If you would like to follow along please visit https://onephototoday.wordpress.com/

        Have a great week!


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