A good run

Something’s up. Sun is shinning, I’m feeling positive and grateful. After a tough last week, I’m glad to have this stretch of good days to hit the streets and take photos. Let’s hope this consistent run of good vibes carry on.

Speaking of consistency, I thought I try shooting with the same film recipe to see if I can achieve the same look and feel to my photography. It’ll also give me a chance to understand the effect of pushing my jpg with different aperture, iso and shutter speed variations on the same file recipe.

A month ago, I discovered that the car park across the road from my office was a gem of a photography location. However, I think that I only scrapped the surface of possibilities. As such, I thought I change my usual approach of walking around town to exploring what I can do at the car park. It is multi storey carpark with an open air top floor. Here are the results of this afternoon’s shoot.

Nothing like a little complain to bring out the sun

I was quite excited to try out my newly tweaked jpg custom settings following the weekend’s test run. But the sun snuck away the moment I stepped out of the office for my lunch time walk. I caught these shots as I walked to my lunch spot.

At lunch, I was reading Luis Costa’s post about his trip to a wildlife park in Portugal and enjoying his sun drenched shots taken with Classic Negative. I may or may not have moaned to Luis about Auckland’s blah sun-less winter days in the comment section. Of course, the moment I stepped out, the sun came out and stayed out till the end of the work day, resulting in these shots.

I was stoked with the last shot of the apple. I had taken a similar shot a couple of weeks back but my shutter speed was too slow and my focus point off. So the shot was not crisp. This time, I was so amazed that the same truck appeared at the same spot for me to retake this shot.

Film Simulations

I’m pretty sure the rainy and windy Saturday evenings are not the best time to test Fujifilm jpeg settings. Anything I try is likely to suit those gloomy settings. However, procrastination like some good intentions lead to a sad, cold, wet, windy and bad place. I could go on… No time like now to get things done.

Ritchie Roesch has kindly published many custom settings aka recipes, that allow Fujifilm camera owners to replicate the look of different film stock. I’m trying to work out what appeals the most to me. I’m also very partial to the look (and story) behind Luis Costa’s Classic Negative based recipe. Kevin Mullin’s YouTube video also provided a very useful “Meyerowitz” and “Padilla” look that caught my eye.

Most of the film stock simulations that I like are variations of the Classic Chrome or Classic Negative film simulations. In good strong light, the pictures look magical. However, in Auckland’s dreary winter and overcast environment, the jpegs can look too warm for my liking.

I decided to test out how I can customise Ritchie’s Kodachrome II and Kodachrome 64, Luis’ Classic Negative setting and Kevin’s Meyerowitz. Over the course of 30-60 mins, I tried different settings and walked around downtown Auckland. It became quite clear to me that I tended to prefer Ritchie’s Kodachrome II for dark winter nights.

So here comes the dilemma. the Kodachrome II simulation is good. But I wanted a cooler look. So I tweaked it. And then I worked on the raw file at home and realised, I prefer an even cooler variation. Now I’m stumped. Here are the three files I produced.

I thought I would be confused with the three variations and bash my head against the wall. But this has been a good exercise. I’ve decided to create and store a cooler variation of Kodachrome II and identified the other 5 film settings that I’ll store in the camera. They are:

  • Luis Costa’s Classic Negative Setting
  • Kevin Mullin’s “Padilla”
  • Kevin Mullin’s “Meyerowitz”
  • Ritchie Roesch’s Porta 400
  • Plain Vanilla Classic Chrome

In addition to these settings, I’m also very comfortable editing in raw and enjoying the process. Now I’ll just wish for some good weather to test this combination out.

Same spot different shot

This was actually my first post after rediscovering WordPress. But 10 years away showed because the post disappeared. All I had of it was a draft. So here it is again…. a shorter version.

I walk by the same bus service depot on the way to work each morning. The light from the half drawn roller door shines out in the morning darkness, creating a nice contrast, a nice photographer’s contrast.

These photos are taken from around the same spot over a 6 month period. Over that time, I’ve hummed and hawed at whether it should be in black and white or classic chrome or Velvia.

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