Passing Through

1, 2, 3

Entering, Here, Gone.

Settling back into office life has been a very fulfilling experience. The chore of earning our keep made so much enjoyable when you stand shoulder to shoulder (metaphorical but with ample social distancing) with friends and colleagues. Seeing others working together with me helps me enjoy my work more than working alone at home. There is a deeply satisfying feeling of being able to communicate face to face with others to discuss, debate and delight in work and non work topics.

I’m an introvert who enjoys the company of others.

A simple approach

I know I’m a lucky guy. In this world where many are left wanting, I have the luxury of living comfortably. I’ve got a shelter over my head and 3 full meals every day. To be honest, I even have 2 Fujifilm camera bodies, 3 Primes and 2 zooms.

With all this excess and a smidgen of self awareness, I’m trying to lead a simpler life. How this translates in my photography is a conscious decision to use only one lens at a time. Each week I restrict myself to only 1 lens and I rotate the choice of lens on a weekly basis.

What this decision means is that my creativity is more focused. I work within the range that I have and I move my body and mind to suit the scene. There are times when I wish I had a different lens. However, almost immediately, I see a scene that fits the lens I have perfectly. The 50 mm prime I love for ability to be a silent observer from afar would result in me being too close to the builders in this shot. So the 35mm prime I have right now gives me the chance to capture this scene the way I want to.

I’ve been shooting like this since I got my Fuji camera last year. But now that I’m enjoying the creative license and freedom that jpg custom settings bring, I wonder if I should extend the same philosophy to jpg settings. Would sticking to one “look” allow me to simply focus on composition and the exposure trifactor? I think it would but what happens when the changeable weather in New Zealand goes from sunny to overcast and the chosen setting becomes too uninspiring?

Watch this space as I give it a shot.

Same spot different shot

This was actually my first post after rediscovering WordPress. But 10 years away showed because the post disappeared. All I had of it was a draft. So here it is again…. a shorter version.

I walk by the same bus service depot on the way to work each morning. The light from the half drawn roller door shines out in the morning darkness, creating a nice contrast, a nice photographer’s contrast.

These photos are taken from around the same spot over a 6 month period. Over that time, I’ve hummed and hawed at whether it should be in black and white or classic chrome or Velvia.

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