Hunger 1 Photography 0

5 days out from a more liberal lockdown level 2 in Auckland, New Zealand, I returned to the office this morning to rebuild one of the new PCs I just released to my team. It was only 11am but I was starving. My morning cereal was barely enough to power 5 hours of planning, meetings and clearing emails.

One of the bonus of returning to the office is being able to buy lunch from my regular Thai takeaway. Unfortunately it was closed due to lockdown. Damn. I’m so hungry. My next option was 5 mins down the road at the Malaysian takeaway. On the way there, I saw this escalator that I’ve walked past many times in a new light.

Thankfully in this lockdown period, downtown Auckland where I was is almost deserted. I was able to mount/straddle the top of the escalator to enable me to lean forward and down to take this shot. I waited for 5 mins and managed to capture the shot above with a pedestrian’s legs right in the middle of the 2 hand rails.

Right after I took this shot, I thought a landscape orientation might work better. But, with my stomach growling, I was not going to wait for another 5-10 mins. I left after taking a landscape orientation from this escalator. Another time. I’ll keep this shot as a mental note for the future. Although I’m not sure if I’ll have the opportunity again to straddle a stationary escalator hand rail without anyone judging my spread-eagle pose.

A good run

Something’s up. Sun is shinning, I’m feeling positive and grateful. After a tough last week, I’m glad to have this stretch of good days to hit the streets and take photos. Let’s hope this consistent run of good vibes carry on.

Speaking of consistency, I thought I try shooting with the same film recipe to see if I can achieve the same look and feel to my photography. It’ll also give me a chance to understand the effect of pushing my jpg with different aperture, iso and shutter speed variations on the same file recipe.

A month ago, I discovered that the car park across the road from my office was a gem of a photography location. However, I think that I only scrapped the surface of possibilities. As such, I thought I change my usual approach of walking around town to exploring what I can do at the car park. It is multi storey carpark with an open air top floor. Here are the results of this afternoon’s shoot.

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