NZ’s Approach

New Zealand is looking to eliminate COVID19 from our shores. It is an ambitious target that is fraught with difficulties. Apart from the scientific nature of the virus, there is also the practical considerations required to limit community transmissions. I do not know better that anyone out there in New Zealand or the world. I prefer to listen to experts and take their advice.

There is only 1 small issue with my approach. There does not seem to be a “common view” from the scientific community about what we should do. We can also add into this mix the differing view from local and national authorities and politicians. Just to make it exciting, it is election time in New Zealand and every dog and person has a view and point to score.

I’m no expert. My view is no more important than the next person in the cafe. All I can say is that while both major political parties in New Zealand have very different approaches to economic and social progress, I’m glad their main focus to help Kiwis. It is hard, scratch that, impossible to keep everyone happy. But in the long run, New Zealand wins. Like I was reminded this week, don’t overreact. Let’s stay positive and look after each other.

The Evening Before

Today is 12 Aug 2020. As of yesterday evening 11 aug 2020, New Zealand has had 102 days of no Covid19 community transmission. That run was broken at 930pm that evening when Prime Minister Jacinda Arden and Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield confirmed there were 4 confirmed cases of Covid19 community transmissions.

In one fell swoop, we’re back to Covid19 lockdown. While I resent working from home, I’m completely grateful that we take fast action here in New Zealand. Short term (3 days – 4 month) lockdown pain, which I recognise does equate to mid to longer term pain for people who lose their livelihoods, hopefully translates to lives saved.

My reluctance to work from home and my general distaste of my “home office” largely stems from my conservative and inflexible appreciation of routine. My daily routine consists of walking 30-40 mins to work each day, hopefully taking some time during lunch for a photo walk and ending it with a 30-40 min walk home, met halfway by my husband and daughter (Bobby our schnauzer). Those walking opportunities give me a chance to gear up for, take a break from and unwind from work. Three key moments that strangely punctuate my day with joy and give me energy. Three wonderful moments where I’m mainly alone and meditating with my Fuji.

I’ve been experimenting with straight out of camera (SOCC) jpegs. Here are a couple of SOCC jpegs and their raw counterparts. I used a variation of the Kodachrome recipe (created by Ritchie Roesch) that I wrote about here. The only editing done to the SOCC jpegs are rotation, crop and minor tone curve tweaks. The raw files have a little more tone curve, exposure and highlight adjustments.

New Work from Home Office
SOCC on the left, Raw on the right.
Work on the Water Break
SOCC on the left, Raw on the right

Maybe this is self selecting, but I prefer the SOCC jpegs. This is especially so with the second photo of the worker sitting on the water break. The colour, tone and added grain of the jpeg call out to me. However, I’m not saying good bye to raw files. For example, I prefer the raw file version of this.

SOCC on the left, Raw on the right

Or I think I am. I hope it is not because I want to be fair.

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