Thursday Lunch Hunt

I’m determined to make this Covid lockdown Mark 2.0 work. Firstly, I’ve reorganised my office setup. The setup gets my daughter’s approval

Bobby likes being close to me

Secondly, I decided to step out for a walk during lunch. I think that was my problem before. Working through lunch or watching the Covid news broadcasts during lunch is not a good way to stay positive.

Here are some shots taken today on my hunt for lunch.

As a sloppy dresser, it feels quite ironic that I get quite excited when I spot people who dress up nice.

These photos were made with my classic chrome recipe. If anyone is interested, it is:

Film Simulation: Classic Chrome

Grain Effect: Weak + Small Grain

White Balance: Auto, Red +1 Blue +1

Tone Curves: S+2, H+2

Colour: -1, Sharpness: +1, Noise Reduction: -2

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