Serendipitous Timing

In my early 20’s and 30’s it was easy to live life large. As time goes by, I realised that I am at my best when I pay attention to my mental and physical well being. It took time to discover the approach that works best for me.

Initially yoga was the easiest introduction to a balanced life. Vinyasa yoga, as introduced to me by wonderful friends, pairs mental focus with a vigorous strength based practice. Graceful, strong and fluid, how others look while practicing. I just looked like a hot mess.

As I entered my early 40’s, I shifted towards a slower, meditative approach. I introduced Qi Gong to my daily routine and gravitated towards Hatha yoga which involves holding poses longer, giving me a chance to be and stay in the moment. In addition, I started and stopped and still am stumbling through cultivating a meditation practice. As yoga cliches go, which does not they are not true, “it is a practice not a perfect”.

Adding to my health arsenal are my visits to my Chiropractor who is also my photography and yoga friend, Harley from Outspoken Chiropractic. Harley is a mental well being and holistic health champion. Visiting him always helps me feel better physically and mentally. We share common interests in photography and movement practices like Yoga.

While I have a tendency to forget when my appointments with him are, my body has strangely remembered when I’m due to visit. In an oddly serendipitous manner, my body starts acting up and before I can text Harley to ask when My appointment with him is, he texts me in the morning to remind me of our appointment at 545pm in the evening that day. Spooky.

A long ramble later, I guess my message is that we all need to find something that allows us to function at our best. Focusing on my mental and physical well being through, Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation and Chiropractic treatments help me. They give me a good foundation to be a better person who is a husband, fur baby father, wannabe photographer and colleague.

What helps you be the best version of you?

She Owns My Heart

My baby is an 11 year old schnauzer cross. She is a bossy lady who believes that I’m here to serve her. She is a dog with the spirit of cat.

I’m seeing her in a new light this week. For some reason, whenever I look at her, I’m reminded of a 3 month old puppy. There is something about her face right now that looks so much like the sweet little puppy.

I love you Bobby Boo.

Not What I Planned.

I’ve walked past this house many times over the past 4-5 years that we’ve lived in this suburb. The single chair sitting by the side door of this house calls out to me. Whenever I walk past, I also feel that the best setup for this would be a high contrast scene with the chair in bright light but the rest of the house and garden in the shade. I’ve even seen this scene play out in front me before. But I’ve always found an excuse to not take the shot, someone is sitting by the window, I don’t have the right focal length or the light is too harsh.

But today, the scene in front of me is completely different from what I envisioned. There was even light across the scene, so different from what I planned. And yet it felt just right. I captured the shot using Ritchie Roesch’s Kodachrome II recipe.

Sometimes I try too hard to get everything just right. No. I simply try too hard to get everything right. Letting go and letting be could be the key. So contrary to a a lifetime (as of now) of Singaporean preparedness.

Nothing like a little complain to bring out the sun

I was quite excited to try out my newly tweaked jpg custom settings following the weekend’s test run. But the sun snuck away the moment I stepped out of the office for my lunch time walk. I caught these shots as I walked to my lunch spot.

At lunch, I was reading Luis Costa’s post about his trip to a wildlife park in Portugal and enjoying his sun drenched shots taken with Classic Negative. I may or may not have moaned to Luis about Auckland’s blah sun-less winter days in the comment section. Of course, the moment I stepped out, the sun came out and stayed out till the end of the work day, resulting in these shots.

I was stoked with the last shot of the apple. I had taken a similar shot a couple of weeks back but my shutter speed was too slow and my focus point off. So the shot was not crisp. This time, I was so amazed that the same truck appeared at the same spot for me to retake this shot.

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