My Yoga

My introduction to Yoga came through Bikram Yoga. It was a shock to my system. I was initially really pleased at the great deal where I got to go to 3 classes for the price of 1 class. It was too good a deal to pass up. The exercise aspect of Bikram yoga got my hooked. It was a great work out and perfect to do during winter.

Three months after, the yoga studio I practiced at introduced Vinyasa and I gravitated towards that form of practice as I was getting quite frustrated with the sergeant master drill master type of instruction that Bikram yoga encouraged. Vinyasa allowed me to find an internal calm as I flowed from one pose to another, going from simple to complex. The room still stayed warm and the exercise approach to yoga still remained.

Seven Years, two studios and an injured left wrist (from pushing too hard to hit a handstand) later, I’m now practising yoga at home with strong focus on the internal mental practice. I’ve not take a photo or video of my yoga practice for any years. But this morning, the light filtering in from an open window and my pure happiness about my current mental and physical practice motivated my to take a photo of what my practice means to me.

My yoga practice now consists of almost daily short 20 min Hatha practices with a few slow Vinyasas thrown in for good measures. Where possible, I also try to squeeze in a 5-10 min meditation practice either immediately after my movement practice or on the walk to work. I love my friend Kylie’s practice but currently the type of product offering that works form y lifestyle is that offered by Glo. I practice in the room that also doubles are my office and guest bedroom and it helps me balance my life. I’m not trying to impress anyone else. There is no mirror for my ego to take pleasure in my alignment. There is just me and myself, trying to look after myself so that I am centred enough to treat others with the rest they deserve.

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