Exploring Squarespace

I starting my blogging back in August this year largely because I found my old WordPress diary. At that time, I did think about maybe trying Squarespace. However, I was familiar with WordPress and at that stage, navigating getting a New Zealand domain and coming to grips with how WordPress has evolved in my 10 year absence put selecting a new provider into the too hard basket.

As I get more familiar with the act of sharing my photography and the platform that supports me, I started to think about what I needed. WordPress is cheaper. In fact, it can be even cheaper if I switched to Bluehost from WordPress. However, just as I switched from Lightroom to Capture One, the impetus to change comes from some weird place. I suspect in the face of so much unknown, being able to take control of something simple like a new software or web hosting platform seems so much easier. Trying to decide what I want to do with my life on the other hand is so much more difficult to navigate.

I started a trial with Squarespace this weekend and I spent my time exploring how to create a site, layout photos on a blog post and what colour scheme to use. The learning curve was not as intimidating as I thought. Yes, the first 2 hours was kind of nerve wrecking. Nothing seemed to work. But the video guides on Squarespace were plenty useful.

The concept of website themes has been scaled back on Squarespace. For many, it would seem like the dystopian future where human choice is severely limited by robots. However, I find the lack of huge variety very satisfying as it forces me to return to a more focused approach where my content needs to stand on its own. Tricks can say good bye.

Let’s see what the trial brings.

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