Joy and Pride

Three weeks of excited anticipation came to a heady climax earlier in the week when my personal photo book I ordered from Blurb arrived from America. I spent the past three weeks constantly refreshing the order tracking page, watching the book move from Tukwila, Washington to Compton California to Auckland New Zealand. This photo book is a collection of the photos I took between Apr to the 1st week of August. I’ve been printing my books since last year, experimenting with different book sizes from Snapfish. This time, I decided to experiment with a 8×10 inch book from Burb.

When it finally reached my hands, I was giddy with excitement and I ripped into it without looking for a scissors or knife to help seperate the packaging. Putting my photos aside, the book felt good in my hands and the decision to print a 200 page book with a more premium matte paper paid off. The end product felt really good and the quality of the photo print looked really nice. Flipping through my book, joy and pride rose within me. I loved how the photos looked in the book and even though some photos looked a little darker than what I expected, the heft of the book coupled with the familiar digital photos of mine now printed in real life made me feel better than I’ve felt in weeks. I quickly learnt to ignore the 4 typos in the book.

Even though I post my photos on instagram and interact with others online, photography is a deeply personal thing to me. On instagram, I post more on the story function where stories disappear after 1 day and there is limited ways to draw people’s attention to it. But with this book, I was so surprised that I was so keen to actively share it with others. There was definitely a buzz to me for the entire week. I had to stop myself from talking more about it or thrusting (yes, thrusting) it into the hands of my friends. The short instagram story video of me flipping through my book brought a surprising amount of people reaching out and chatting to me. It allowed me to get to know a fellow photographer from Wellington and I got nice kudos from a professional photographer friend of mine whom I admire a lot.

5 days after, I reflected on my buzz from the past few days. Yes I liked the book. Yes, I was proud of what I did. However, I think the buzz came from seeing the fruits of my photography labour come to fruition when I was feeling so much frustration from another part of my life. With the help of my loving husband, I organised the layout of my book by spreading photos over the guest bed and my friend Carlo also chipped in with good advice. When things are not going well, it’s important to stay positive and focus on what is going well. My relationship friendship and my passions, Yoga and Photography are going well. Cheers to that!

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