Magical foggy Sunday morning

I am excited when I see the Auckland Harbour shrouded in morning fog. I shot these using Luis Costa’s classic negative Fujifilm recipe.

What made this morning even better was a family trying to pose their two large Bernese Mountain dogs. I recognise this family as I usually walk past their house en route to work and we run into them when we walk our dog too. I took some candid shots of them as they were standing on the broadwalk. I initially did not realise they were trying to take a photo. But it became apparent quickly as Mum was trying to get the puppy to stay while she stepped away to take the photo but the puppy just wanted to be with her.

I offered to take the photo so that all of them could be in the shot. But they politely said no. I’m not sure what came over me. I then asked if it was ok to take a photo of them all using my camera. Why did I think it was a good idea when they already said no earlier with their camera? Oh well, they were too polite to tell me to leave and stop invading their privacy. I took a few shots and I’ll ask them if it is ok to post the photos on my blog. If they are, I’ll share them here. To make things worse, I offered to drop off a usb stick with the photos. I said, “I know where you live”. Even with good intentions, I come across creepy. Hence my website name…


I got permission to post the photos from my neighbours Desley and Gregg. Here is the beautiful family from this morning.

While I personally like the film grain of the straight out of camera jpegs, I was not sure if the family were happy to receive the photos that look “grainy”. I shared the raw file version of the shots with them. However, with the foggy condition, I had to a couple of the shots with a gradient to recover highlights. I had much more room to move with the raw files for those shots. But here is a comparison of a scene straight out of camera and raw.

Bernese Mountain DogBernese Mountain Dog
Getting ready
Safety in the fog

Which one do you prefer? Grain or no grain?

The Evening Before

Today is 12 Aug 2020. As of yesterday evening 11 aug 2020, New Zealand has had 102 days of no Covid19 community transmission. That run was broken at 930pm that evening when Prime Minister Jacinda Arden and Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield confirmed there were 4 confirmed cases of Covid19 community transmissions.

In one fell swoop, we’re back to Covid19 lockdown. While I resent working from home, I’m completely grateful that we take fast action here in New Zealand. Short term (3 days – 4 month) lockdown pain, which I recognise does equate to mid to longer term pain for people who lose their livelihoods, hopefully translates to lives saved.

My reluctance to work from home and my general distaste of my “home office” largely stems from my conservative and inflexible appreciation of routine. My daily routine consists of walking 30-40 mins to work each day, hopefully taking some time during lunch for a photo walk and ending it with a 30-40 min walk home, met halfway by my husband and daughter (Bobby our schnauzer). Those walking opportunities give me a chance to gear up for, take a break from and unwind from work. Three key moments that strangely punctuate my day with joy and give me energy. Three wonderful moments where I’m mainly alone and meditating with my Fuji.

I’ve been experimenting with straight out of camera (SOCC) jpegs. Here are a couple of SOCC jpegs and their raw counterparts. I used a variation of the Kodachrome recipe (created by Ritchie Roesch) that I wrote about here. The only editing done to the SOCC jpegs are rotation, crop and minor tone curve tweaks. The raw files have a little more tone curve, exposure and highlight adjustments.

New Work from Home Office
SOCC on the left, Raw on the right.
Work on the Water Break
SOCC on the left, Raw on the right

Maybe this is self selecting, but I prefer the SOCC jpegs. This is especially so with the second photo of the worker sitting on the water break. The colour, tone and added grain of the jpeg call out to me. However, I’m not saying good bye to raw files. For example, I prefer the raw file version of this.

SOCC on the left, Raw on the right

Or I think I am. I hope it is not because I want to be fair.

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