Morning Light in a Cafe

For the past 5-6 years, my husband Chris, a man of routine, has been catching up with our friend Mike on Friday mornings for coffee after their gym workout. That routine still stands long after Mike and Chris moved on to different gyms. It took a heart attack and a global pandemic level virus to change this routine. It has been a few months, but Chris and Mike are catching up again on Friday morning.

I decided to invite myself to this coffee catchup as I’m working from home and the cafe they are catching up at is a short walk away. As usual, I take my camera along. It is almost instinctive. I know looking through the viewfinder ocassionally stops me from enjoying the moment. However, I still bring it along. I feel a little naked without. It’s a little crutch of mine. But I would love for it help open a conversation.

At the cafe, we opted to sit inside. I’m glad we did. Not only because it was cold outside. But because the sun was lovely and there were so many opportunities. This week’s lens of choice is my 50mm. Not the most ideal lens in a small enclosed environment. But I’ve learnt to appreciate the restriction liberation that a simple setup provides. When the 50mm is close for one scene, it will be perfect for another a few minutes later. True to form, I shot these two shots.

The lady shielding her eyes as the sun washes her in beautiful warmth was the first thing that caught my eye. I wondered how I could take a shot in the small cafe without drawing attention to myself and ruining the moment. Thankfully this is where my 50mm lens came in handy. The second shot was a sneaky and creepy shot under the table. I saw the toilet rolls she brought into the shop and I recall thinking she must have bought it from the Superette (Dairy, convenience store) a couple of doors down. I did not think much more then. But looking at it now, I realise there could be a humorous Covid19 statement in the photo. Unfortunately I’m not witty enough for a smart caption.

Golden Sunday Morning.

Our household is made up of early risers, some more willing than others. This morning, I’m a man on a mission. Croissants. I’m looking for croissants for breakfast. Shortly after dinner last night, I knew I wanted croissants for breakfast. Most regular folk sleep in on the weekend, eat cheese and wish their partners good night before bed. I wake up at 5 most days, don’t eat cheese (except if it is on pizza) and before we sleep, I tell my husband Chris what I want for breakfast or lunch the next day.

That is why our family was out by 8am this Sunday morning for our morning walk which surprisingly leads to a bakery that sells nice croissants. Thankfully we woke to beautiful weather, completely contradicting last evening’s weather forecast. The sun was climbing up the sky, baffling our poor weather forecasters at the mercy of the narrow piece of land Auckland, which is susceptible to changeable weather conditions.

The light hitting the houses on our morning walk route was simply glorious. The low angle of the morning sun resulted in jigsaw of warm light patches and shadows, the conditions I like. Here are photos from our walk this morning.

The good weather held till 1.30pm when the heavens opened.

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