Golden Sunday Morning.

Our household is made up of early risers, some more willing than others. This morning, I’m a man on a mission. Croissants. I’m looking for croissants for breakfast. Shortly after dinner last night, I knew I wanted croissants for breakfast. Most regular folk sleep in on the weekend, eat cheese and wish their partners good night before bed. I wake up at 5 most days, don’t eat cheese (except if it is on pizza) and before we sleep, I tell my husband Chris what I want for breakfast or lunch the next day.

That is why our family was out by 8am this Sunday morning for our morning walk which surprisingly leads to a bakery that sells nice croissants. Thankfully we woke to beautiful weather, completely contradicting last evening’s weather forecast. The sun was climbing up the sky, baffling our poor weather forecasters at the mercy of the narrow piece of land Auckland, which is susceptible to changeable weather conditions.

The light hitting the houses on our morning walk route was simply glorious. The low angle of the morning sun resulted in jigsaw of warm light patches and shadows, the conditions I like. Here are photos from our walk this morning.

The good weather held till 1.30pm when the heavens opened.

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